Chosing The Right Installer


Picking the right pool installer is crucial to the enjoyment of your pool.There are so many pool companys that should never be allowed in somebodys back yard.Here is a example of poor workmanship. This is a large mouth Aqua Genie Skimmer that is installed on a curved fiberglass pool wall, I was called about a leak in the pool, come to find out another pool service company had already worked on the skimmer face once and had not used stainless screws to hold the skimmer face on. I cleaned and replaced all fittings and calked the skimmer with Boss 801 pool silicone to prevent future leaks. This is just one of many problems that this fiberglass pool has.



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Our first blog.

Why have a pool inspections before buying a home with an existing swimming pool.

As of right now in the State of South Carolina their is no legal documents when buying a existing pool that holds the seller accountable for problems with a pool that are not disclosed at closing, I have been called a day after a home buyer has moved into there house and the pool has dropped 3 inches over night, I also have been told by sellers that they are going to cover up leaks till they sell their home, which I completely absolutely do not agree with.

I recommend using a company like mine that has the specialized equipment called a leakalyzer to measure water loss on a pool before you buy it. We provide a professional pool inspection that is done to ensure buyers are protected from undisclosed pool leaks and costly repairs.

Osborne’s Pool Leak Detection